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Tee Morant

In the world of basketball, there are players who leave a lasting impact with their exceptional skills and undeniable talent. One such rising star is Tee Morant. With his electrifying style of play and remarkable court vision, Morant has quickly made a name for himself in the basketball community. Hailing from a small town, Morant’s journey to success is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

In this blog, we will delve into the incredible rise of Tee Morant, exploring his early beginnings, his standout performances, and the bright future that lies ahead for this young basketball prodigy.

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Who is Tee Morant?

Tee Morant
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Tee Morant, whose full name is Temetrius Jamel Morant, is a professional basketball player who has taken the basketball world by storm with his exceptional skills and electrifying style of play. Born on August 10, 1999, in Dalzell, South Carolina, Morant’s journey to basketball stardom is nothing short of remarkable.

Growing up in a small town, Morant discovered his passion for basketball at a young age. He honed his skills on the local courts, displaying a natural talent and an unmatched work ethic. As he progressed through high school, Morant’s abilities became increasingly evident, catching the attention of college recruiters.

Morant attended Murray State University, where he continued to shine on the basketball court. During his sophomore year, he made headlines with his standout performances, averaging an impressive 24.5 points, 10 assists, and 5.7 rebounds per game. His exceptional play earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious Bob Cousy Award, which recognizes the nation’s top point guard.

In 2019, Morant declared for the NBA Draft, where he was selected as the second overall pick by the Memphis Grizzlies. His transition to the professional level was seamless, as he quickly established himself as one of the most exciting young players in the league. Morant’s explosive athleticism, incredible court vision, and ability to make highlight-reel plays have captivated fans and earned him a reputation as a future superstar.

Off the court, Morant is known for his humility and down-to-earth personality. He remains grounded despite his rapid rise to fame and continues to work hard to improve his game. Morant’s dedication and passion for basketball are evident in his relentless pursuit of excellence.

As Tee Morant’s career continues to unfold, basketball enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his future accomplishments. With his extraordinary talent and determination, Morant has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the game and become one of the all-time greats.

Tee Morant Wiki

Name Temetrius Jamel Morant
Popularly known as Tee Morant
Other name Dr Joseph Lodapo
Year of birth 1978
Age (as of 2024) 46 years old
Place of birth Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Current Address Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Mother Mrs. Saundra E. Dawson
Father Not Known
Siblings Not Known
School Local High School
College/University Claflin University
Educational Qualification Post Graduate
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African descent
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jamie Morant
Children Ja Morant (son) and Teniya Morant (daughter)
Net Worth $5 Million USD

Tee Morant Family

Tee Morant, born as Temetrius Jamel Morant, has not publicly disclosed much information about his parents and siblings. However, it is known that his mother’s name is Mrs. Saundra E. Dawson. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about his father.

As for his siblings, there is no specific information available about Tee Morant’s brothers or sisters. It is possible that he prefers to keep his family life private and away from the public eye.

Family plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s life, and it is likely that Tee Morant’s parents and siblings have been a source of support and encouragement throughout his basketball journey. Their love and guidance may have contributed to his success and helped him stay grounded despite his rapid rise to fame.

While the details about Tee Morant’s parents and siblings may not be widely known, what is evident is the impact they have had on his life. Their presence and support have likely played a crucial role in shaping him into the talented and humble individual he is today.

As Tee Morant continues to make strides in his basketball career, his family remains an important part of his life, providing him with the love and support he needs to excel both on and off the court.

Tee Morant Educational Background

Tee Morant, born as Temetrius Jamel Morant, has had an impressive educational journey that has contributed to his overall growth and success. Here is a brief overview of his educational biography:

Tee Morant completed his primary and secondary education at a local high school, where he likely balanced his academic studies with his passion for basketball. While specific details about his high school education are not widely available, it is evident that his talent on the basketball court began to shine during this time.

After graduating from high school, Morant went on to pursue higher education at Claflin University. He continued to excel both academically and athletically, showcasing his dedication and commitment to both his studies and basketball career.

Morant’s educational journey at Claflin University culminated in him earning a post-graduate degree. While the specific field of study or degree program he pursued is not widely known, his educational achievements highlight his commitment to personal and intellectual growth.

It is worth noting that Morant’s basketball career took off during his time at Claflin University, and he eventually made the decision to pursue a professional career in the sport. His exceptional skills on the court and his ability to balance his academic pursuits with his athletic endeavors demonstrate his determination and focus.

While Tee Morant’s educational biography may not be extensively documented, his commitment to both his academic and athletic pursuits is evident. His educational background, combined with his natural talent and hard work, has contributed to his overall success as a professional basketball player.

Tee Morant Physical Appearence

Tee Morant Age

As of now, Tee Morant, born on August 10, 1978, is 46 years old. However, please note that this information is based on his date of birth and the current year. Age is a dynamic factor that changes over time, so it is important to consider the specific date when referring to someone’s age.

Tee Morant Height

Tee Morant, the professional basketball player, stands at an impressive height. While specific information about his height is not readily available, it is widely reported that Morant is approximately 6 feet 3 inches tall (190 cm). This height is considered advantageous for a basketball player, as it allows him to excel in various aspects of the game, including scoring, rebounding, and defending. Morant’s height, combined with his athleticism and skill set, has contributed to his success on the basketball court. It is important to note that height can vary slightly depending on different sources, and the reported height may not be exact. However, the approximate height of 6 feet 3 inches provides a general understanding of Morant’s physical stature as a professional basketball player.

Tee Morant Weight

Ja Morant, the professional basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies, is listed as weighing approximately 174 pounds, which translates to about 79 kilograms. This weight, considering his height of 6 feet 3 inches (190.5 cm), showcases his lean and athletic build, which is optimal for his explosive playing style on the basketball court.

Tee Morant Eye & Hair Color

Ja Morant has black hair and brown eyes.

Tee Morant Career

Tee Morant
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Ja Morant, whose full name is Temetrius Jamel “Ja” Morant, has had a meteoric rise in the world of basketball, making a significant impact in the NBA as the point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies. Here’s a concise overview of his career highlights:

Early Years and College Basketball

High School: Morant attended Crestwood High School in Sumter, South Carolina, where he excelled and generated some buzz, but he wasn’t heavily recruited by major college basketball programs initially.

Murray State: His fortunes changed when he joined Murray State University. Morant’s sophomore year was particularly standout, as he led the NCAA in assists and became the first player in NCAA history to average at least 20 points and 10 assists per game over a season. His incredible performance earned him the Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year award.

NBA Career

  • Draft: Ja Morant was selected with the second overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies, immediately making him a cornerstone of the franchise.
  • Rookie Season: In his debut season (2019–2020), Morant showcased his dynamic playmaking and scoring ability, earning the NBA Rookie of the Year award.
  • Rapid Ascension: Over the next seasons, Morant continued to improve, increasing his scoring averages and becoming known for his high-flying dunks, clutch performances, and leadership on the court. He played a key role in leading the Grizzlies to multiple playoff appearances.
  • Awards and Recognition: Beyond Rookie of the Year, Morant has received numerous accolades, including selections to the NBA All-Star game and being named to the All-NBA Team. He’s quickly established himself as one of the premier guards in the league.

Playing Style

Known for his incredible athleticism, Morant is a highlight-reel regular, with explosive dunks and agile moves. Despite his relatively lean frame, he’s proven to be a tough competitor, unafraid of driving to the basket against larger defenders. His vision and passing are top-notch, making him a dual threat as both a scorer and a playmaker.

Ja Morant’s career, though still in its early stages, promises to be one of the most exciting to follow in the NBA. His growth from an under-recruited high school player to a college sensation and now an NBA star is a testament to his talent, work ethic, and determination.

Net Worth of Tee Morant

As of 2023, Tee Morant’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million USD. His primary source of income is his role as a basketball coach, where he lends his expertise to various players, most notably his son, Ja Morant, who has become a star in the NBA. Tee’s deep understanding of the game and effective coaching techniques have earned him recognition as an expert basketball teacher. In addition to his coaching endeavors, Tee Morant also benefits financially from brand endorsements, further contributing to his net worth. His success in these areas reflects not only his proficiency in basketball but also his savvy in leveraging his knowledge and reputation within the sport.

Tee Morant Relationship, Wife And Kids

Tee Morant
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Tee Morant, the father of NBA star Ja Morant, is happily married to Jamie Morant. Jamie, a former softball player, has an athletic background similar to her husband’s and even served as a point guard during her high school years before playing softball in college. The couple has been together for a significant period, having dated for many years before tying the knot. Although they have kept the exact date of their wedding private, their enduring relationship has been a foundational aspect of their family life.

Tee and Jamie Morant are the proud parents of two children. Their first child, Temetrius Jamel “Ja” Morant, was born on August 10, 1999. Ja has since risen to fame as a dynamic and highly talented point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA. Following Ja, the couple welcomed their daughter, Teniya Morant, making Ja an older brother. Although Teniya’s birth date is not publicly disclosed, it’s clear that she holds a special place in the Morant family.

Tee Morant cherishes family time and is often seen supporting Ja at his games, emphasizing the tight-knit nature of their family unit. Despite the spotlight on Ja due to his professional success, the Morants maintain a close and supportive family dynamic, with Tee and Jamie providing a strong foundation for their children’s endeavors both on and off the athletic field.

Tee Morant Biography

Tee Morant, although not as widely known in the public sphere as his son, Ja Morant, the NBA sensation for the Memphis Grizzlies, has his own story of sports, dedication, and influence, particularly on his son’s career and character. Here’s a concise overview of Tee Morant’s background:

Early Life and Background

Tee Morant’s full name is Tee Morant, and he hails from a background where sports were a significant part of life. The specifics of his early life, including his exact date of birth and education details, are not widely publicized, but it is known that he has a deep-rooted connection with basketball and athleticism.

Athletic Involvement

Tee was an athlete himself, having played basketball during his younger years. This experience in sports was crucial in Ja Morant’s early development as a basketball player. Tee’s understanding of the game and what it takes to succeed at a high level undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Ja’s approach to the sport.

Family Life

Tee Morant is married to Jamie Morant, a former softball player who also has a background in sports, having been a point guard in high school before transitioning to softball in college. The couple has two children: Temetrius Jamel “Ja” Morant, born on August 10, 1999, and Teniya Morant, their daughter, whose birth date is not publicly known.

Influence on Ja Morant

Tee Morant has been a pivotal figure in Ja’s life, not just as a father but also as a mentor and coach. From Ja’s early years, Tee nurtured his son’s talents, instilling in him the values of hard work, resilience, and the importance of staying grounded despite success. Tee’s guidance was instrumental in helping Ja develop from a relatively unknown recruit to a college sensation at Murray State and eventually a top pick in the NBA draft.

Public Appearances

While Tee Morant is not a public figure in the traditional sense, he has become somewhat of a familiar face to basketball fans through his presence at Ja’s games. His support for his son and the Memphis Grizzlies is evident, often seen cheering from the stands, and occasionally, his insights and reactions make their way into sports media coverage.

Tee Morant’s biography is one of a dedicated family man and a mentor, whose background in athletics and personal values have significantly contributed to his son’s development into an NBA star. The story of the Morant family is a testament to the impact of parental support and guidance in the world of professional sports.

Tee Morant Social Media Accounts

Instagram teemorant
Twitter TeeMorant
Facebook tee.morant

Less Known Facts About Tee Morant

  • Tee Morant played semi-professional basketball, which significantly influenced Ja Morant’s career.
  • He also has a background in barbering, showcasing his skills beyond the basketball court.
  • Tee worked with Ja on his basketball skills from a very young age, emphasizing fundamentals.
  • He has been a constant presence at Ja’s games, providing support and guidance.
  • Despite Ja’s success, Tee insists on humility and hard work as core values.
  • Tee and his wife, Jamie, chose to keep their family grounded in their South Carolina roots.
  • He has a close relationship with his daughter, Teniya, as well as with his son.
  • Tee has expressed that facing adversity has strengthened his family’s bond.
  • He often shares insights and motivational advice on his social media platforms.
  • Tee has a distinctive laugh that Ja mentions as highly influential in his life.
  • Despite his son’s fame, Tee maintains a relatively low profile.
  • Tee’s approach to parenting and coaching has been praised by sports analysts.
  • He encouraged Ja to make his own path in basketball, rather than following popular trends.
  • Tee has a personal philosophy of resilience, often telling Ja, “Beneath no one, be afraid of no one.”
  • Despite not seeking the spotlight, Tee has become a respected figure among Memphis Grizzlies fans and the wider NBA community for his role in Ja’s development.

Final Words

Tee Morant, a figure of resilience, humility, and dedication, has profoundly influenced his son Ja Morant’s ascent in the basketball world. His journey from semi-professional basketball to becoming an inspirational father and mentor underscores the power of supportive parenting in shaping a young athlete’s career. Tee’s emphasis on hard work, humility, and the importance of family has not only guided Ja to NBA stardom but also instilled values that transcend sports. As he remains a steadfast presence in Ja’s life, Tee Morant symbolizes the unsung heroes behind the scenes, whose unwavering support and guidance fuel the dreams and aspirations of young athletes worldwide.

FAQs about Tee Morant

Who is Tee Morant?

Tee Morant is the father of NBA star Ja Morant, known for his role as a guiding force in Ja’s development into a professional basketball player. With a background in semi-professional basketball, Tee has used his knowledge and experience to mentor his son from a young age.

What is Tee Morant’s real name?

Tee Morant’s real name is the same as his widely recognized moniker—Tee Morant. He has become well-known in the basketball community primarily through his son’s rise to fame.

Did Tee Morant play basketball professionally?

Tee Morant played semi-professional basketball, which provided him with insights and experiences that he passed down to his son, Ja Morant, helping him to develop his skills and understanding of the game.

How did Tee Morant influence Ja Morant’s basketball career?

Tee Morant has been instrumental in Ja Morant’s basketball journey, from training him in their backyard to instilling values of hard work and perseverance. His hands-on approach and personal experience in basketball have been key to Ja’s development.

Where is Tee Morant from?

Specific details about Tee Morant’s birthplace and early life are not widely publicized, but he has spent a significant portion of his life in South Carolina, where his son, Ja, grew up and honed his basketball skills.

Is Tee Morant active on social media?

Yes, Tee Morant is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where he shares moments from his family life, insights into basketball, and words of encouragement and motivation.

What lessons has Tee Morant taught Ja Morant?

Tee Morant has taught Ja the importance of hard work, humility, resilience, and the value of family. These lessons have shaped Ja both on and off the basketball court.

How does Tee Morant support Ja Morant during games?

Tee Morant is often seen at Ja Morant’s games, offering support from the sidelines. His presence at Memphis Grizzlies games symbolizes his ongoing role as Ja’s biggest supporter and mentor.

What does Tee Morant do for a living?

While Tee Morant’s professional life outside of his association with Ja Morant’s basketball career is not widely documented, his background includes playing semi-professional basketball and barbering.

How has Tee Morant’s relationship with his son influenced other young athletes?

Tee Morant’s relationship with Ja serves as an inspirational example to young athletes and their parents, demonstrating the impact of supportive, dedicated parenting in achieving sports excellence.

What is known about Tee Morant’s family?

Tee Morant is married to Jamie Morant, and together they have two children, Ja and Teniya Morant. The family shares a close bond, rooted in support and love for one another.

Has Tee Morant written any books or guides on parenting athletes?

Tee Morant has not published any books or guides on parenting athletes, though his methods and approach to raising Ja have been widely discussed in interviews and sports features.

What hobbies does Tee Morant have outside of basketball?

While basketball plays a significant role in Tee Morant’s life, detailed information about his hobbies and interests outside of the sport is not widely known to the public.

How does Tee Morant interact with fans and the media?

Tee Morant interacts with fans through social media and occasional interviews, where he shares his perspective on basketball, parenting, and his son’s career.

What is Tee Morant’s coaching style?

Tee Morant’s coaching style with Ja has been described as hands-on, emphasizing fundamentals, hard work, and mental toughness, reflecting his own experiences and values in sports.

What are Tee Morant’s views on success and failure?

Tee Morant views success and failure as opportunities for growth, teaching Ja to remain humble in victory and resilient in defeat.

How does Tee Morant celebrate Ja Morant’s achievements?

Tee Morant celebrates Ja’s achievements by highlighting the importance of family, teamwork, and the journey rather than just the outcomes.

Does Tee Morant have any affiliations with basketball programs or teams?

Beyond supporting his son’s career, Tee Morant’s specific affiliations with other basketball programs or teams have not been publicly detailed.

What advice does Tee Morant give to parents of aspiring athletes?

Tee Morant advises parents to support their children’s dreams actively, providing them with the resources, encouragement, and guidance needed to pursue their goals.

How has Tee Morant’s story inspired others?

Tee Morant’s story, particularly his role in Ja Morant’s rise from a relatively unknown recruit to an NBA star, inspires parents, coaches, and young athletes about the power of dedication, family support, and believing in one’s potential.

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